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Marschall S/R - S/LR Aluminium-Doormat with Rips-Stripes

Matten-Maße: mm Breite (X =Stablänge) × mm Tiefe (Y in Gehrichtung)

Price: 464.78 €
Incl. Umsatzsteuer 19.00%
Shipped to de: 14.76 €

Marschall Typ S/R or Typ S/LR (Large)  with Original-Rips Stripes (zurück zu Winkel-Profilrahmen)
Marschall--SR / Marschall--SLR (Large)
Extremely hard-wearing entrance aluminium-mat can be rolled up, also suitable for traversing;
The dirt falls in the open spaces
Application: Indoor and covered outdoor areas
Static: for surface mounted or free-standing installation
Profiles: torsion-resistant, reinforced aluminum with impact sound insulation. 
Connection: Plastic coated, galvanized steel cable.

Rubber spacers. Support rail distance: 5 mm. On request also smaller or greater distances are possible.

Tailor-made production according to customer requirementsin breadth and depth without compensation profile.

In principle, all geometric shapes are available. 
Tread: Recessed, robust, weather-resistant strips, grooved Rips
Rips-colors: anthracite, brown, light gray, red or sand;
More rips colors available on request. 
Matt-Height: 12, 17 or 22 mm
Please enter by clicking on "More informations" the mat-extent mat-height and the Rips-colors . You will then receive our offer