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Marschall Typ 517 S/R mit Rips-Stripes SPECIAL OFFER - NEW - only 710,00 € incl.VAT

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Marschall Typ R mit Rips Stripes SPECIAL OFFER - absolute new product - 
Klicken Sie hier für die Online-Anfrage für Marschall- Aluminium-Profilmatten, Typ R
Extremely hard-wearing entrance aluminium-mat can be rolled up, also suitable for traversing;
The dirt falls in the open spaces
Application: Indoor and covered outdoor areas
Static: for surface mounted or free-standing installation
Profiles: torsion-resistant, reinforced aluminum with impact sound insulation.
Connection: Plastic coated, galvanized steel cable.

Rubber spacers.  
Format: horizontal for
Frame-outer-size: 2000mm x 1400mm or
Frame-Innersize: 1994mm x 1394mm  (by 3mm Profil)
Mat-Size: 1990mm Wide (profil-length) x 1390mm lenght
Hight: 17 mm
Surface: recessed, resistant, weatherproof, grooved grosgain strips
Rips-Color: anthracite 

Rail distance: 5 mm. 
Distanceholder: rubber