über 35 Jahre Erfahrung
Der Mattenfuchs-Shop
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schön & sauber – Advertising-Design-Matts

For over 35 years we have designed and monochrome with mats on the market and now have products tested almost all renowned manufacturers in the hard work at a customer

We know what we are talking about, because we have accumulated our experience, long before any other supplier designed mats with individual design, sizes, shapes -with in Germany and also flush fitted without orbiting Gummirand- has delivered in the context, inputs, lifts.

For the best of the best => the best.

Do you hang up a diamond on the shoelace around his neck? Certainly not! Why should then fit better in your, designed with much effort input, as an individually adapted to your interior, meaningful design mat an ugly, meaningless mat.

Our target:

We want that your customers are already excited when first entering your home and keep your good name in your memory.  schön & sauber


We are represented in all major regions in Germany for many years companies operating in the fields of floor coverings, carpets and cleaning of the object region