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Dirt tray type 55XX for profile mats

Wannen-Außenmaße: mm Breite (X) × mm Länge (Y in Gehrichtung)

Price: 303.12 €
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Dirt tray for profile mats made of aluminum or stainless steel (V2A)

Wanne 55XX AL_CN_513x340.JPG  Wanne 55XX AL_CN_

Suitable for the emco DIPLOMAT, MARSCHALL and PLAZA entrance mats.
Dirt collection trays for increased dirt absorption.
Without drain device.

(back to angle profile frames)

Structure: A dirt collection tray is manufactured in one piece.
The width and depth are variable and are adapted to the mat dimensions.
From an optical and functional point of view, the tub is manufactured WITHOUT a frame to accommodate the entrance mat of an appropriate size

Material: aluminum or stainless steel (V2A), waterproof welded
completely smooth inside for easy cleaning
Please note the minimum quantity surcharge 50,-€ which is added for tubs up to and including 1 sqm