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premium aluminum profile mat, type P - , with performance inserts, in various tread combinations

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Diplomat and Marschall, type P- premium aluminum profile mat with
CARE / CONFORM / INNOVA / MAXIMUS / OUTDOOR performance insert. 
Alternatively in combination with
Rubber inserts (PG) / cassette brushes (PCB) / scraper edge (P..K) / brush strip (P..B)
These floor mats ensure clean rooms

(back to angle profile frame)

Aluminum profile dirt control mats with a height of 12mm, 17mm or 22mm and
Performance inserts with a width of 27.5mm or a width of 44mm (large)
You can choose from 50 different designs here and combine them yourself.
Individual floor mat widths and floor mat lengths suitable for every building object. Designs with cut-outs, bevels and curves are custom-made according to the client's wishes.
With different mat surfaces, the mats can be designed for every type of dirt accumulation and dirt retention.
Roll-up, hard-wearing aluminum profile premium entrance mat for full laying on top, made of torsion-resistant aluminum profiles (27.5 mm thick) and large (44 mm wide) with embedded, durable, weather-resistant and replaceable performance inserts and impact sound insulation on the underside.

Each mat with or without a frame is cut to size and made to order according to customer requirements.

verfügbare Premium-Einlagen-Farben: 

Premium-Ripseinlagen: CARE
Premium-Ripseinlagen: CONFORM
Premium-Ripseinlagen: INNOVA
Premium-Ripseinlagen: MAXIMUS
Premium-Ripseinlagen: OUTDOOR

The aluminum profile premium entrance mats ensure a high level of safety through non-slip treads. Premium mats lie securely on the floor or in the angle profile frame. The premium floor mats effectively remove dirt and moisture from the shoe soles. The dirt falls into the open spaces

Custom-fit production in width and depth without compensation profiles.
Basically all geometric shapes are available


Area of use:             indoor and covered outdoor areas
Step surface:           Premium insoles
Combination with:  possible with rubber inserts, brush strips, cassette brush profiles
Additional profile:   scraper edge alternating with profile bars
Statics:                     for full laying on top
Connection:             by plastic-coated galvanized steel
Rod spacing:           rubber spacers
Mat heights:            12, 17, 22 mm
Profile spacing:      5 mm, smaller or larger on request
Dimensions:            individual, as desired