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Dirt collecting tray for MARSCHALL profile mats

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Dirt collecting tray for profile mats made of aluminum or stainless steel (V2A)
Developed to match the emco MARSCHALL, emco PLAZA entrance mats.
Dirt collecting trays for increased dirt absorption.
Available with drainage device on request.

(back to angle profile frame)

Technical details: Max. Size of a one-piece bathtub segment:
Type 5000AL / -CN and 5000AL / -CN = 2800 x 1300mm

Construction: A dirt collection tray system can consist of a one-piece tray or multiple trays.
The width and depth are variable and are assembled in a modular design.
From a visual and functional point of view, the bathtub is manufactured without a frame.
The entrance mat can be any larger than the tub dimensions.

Wanne 5000 AL_CN

Wanne 5000 Schnitt

Material: aluminum or stainless steel (V2A), welded watertight
completely smooth inside for easy cleaning

Support profiles:
Aluminum or stainless steel (V2A), at a distance of max. 300 mm with recesses for water drainage on all sides.
Profiles run transversely under the mat profiles at a 90 ° angle.
Tub with welded wall anchors, with drainage device on request.

Drainage device:
Complete, rustproof stainless steel drainage device, consisting of a flat sieve Ø 80 mm with
Lower part made of plastic for further connection to the drainage system Ø 1 1/2 inches.