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Water-Horse™  - the water barrier for outdoor use !
Applications of the Water-Horse
Its characteristics: The Water Horse is there especially suitable for use where moisture and humidity pose a problem.
The advantages of the Water-Horse
Through its specially upwardly curved edge the Water - Horse holds up to 4.5 liters of water per square meter and the special waffle design the mat cleans the soles of dirt and ensures enormous grip.
The backing of the mat is 100% nitrile rubber, the mat itself made ​​of polypropylene. The mat lies flat and securely on the floor, does not slip, the corners do not provide for themselves. The tread edge of the mat prevents tripping hazard and does not break (unlike mats with PVC backing). This results in high durability and lasting pleasure in the appearance of these products.
Cleaning, Service
The Water Horse is not machine washable.
kis - Water-Horse   keep it simple - Prices incl. VAT and freight costs to Germany 

Size:    60 cm x   90 cm   unit price:   41,40 €
Size:   85 cm x 120 cm   unit price: 78,75 €
Size:   85 cm x 150 cm   unit price: 98,50 €
Size: 115 cm x 175 cm   unit price: 154,70 €


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