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Komfort-Safety™ Anti-fatique mats, 3 Standard-Sizes

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Pile: 100% high twist nylon
HTN, Polyamide 6.6
Pile height: approx. 7 mm
Pile weight: 580g/sqm without carrier
680g/sqm with carrier
Back: 100% nitrile rubber
Spine Thickness: 1.8mm
Back weight: 2.09 kg/sqm
Foam: 100% nitrile
Foam thickness: 11.5 mm Foam weight: approx. 3.0 kg/sqm
Total weight: approx. 5.77 kg/m2
Total height: approx. 15 mm
Cleaning: wash up to 60°

Size:    60 cm x   85 cm      
Size:   85 cm x 150 cm      
Size:   85 cm x 285 cm      

KOMFORT-Safety™ - anti-fatigue mat with warning stripes in 3 sizes
Rubber color: black
Warning stripes: yellow
particularly suitable for industrial areas, industrial workplaces and counters and
everywhere where employees stand for a long time

Padded for long standing comfort and provides relief for muscles and joints.
2 year manufacturer guarantee. Made in Europe.
Slip resistance: NFSI High-Traction
Fire behavior: DOC-FF-1-70
Trip-safe thanks to flattened edges. free of PVC, suitable for underfloor heating

COMFORT-Safety™ keep it safe
Customs tariff number: 57032098
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