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JetPrint™Light mats , keep distance

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Mindestmaße: 60 cm Länge (Y) Maximalmaße: 700 cm Länge (Y)

Price: 73.82 €
Shipped to de: 11.90 €
Incl. Umsatzsteuer 19.00%

JetPrint ™ light-mats , designed up to 20 -colors, choice of 66 standard colors 

This beautiful & clean Jet-Print light-Dust Mat is a must-have for any company that attaches great importance to the optimal presentation of the company or its brand. The bold and vibrant colors make each custom-designed doormat a unique feature, with almost no limits to design. With JetPrint technology, up to 20 (out of 66 available) colors can be printed and even fine lines and color gradients are reproducible.

You can have the mats equipped with your individual logo / design at no additional cost. Please send us your design template using our contact form. Together with our offer, you will receive our design draft for assessment or modification.

The top of beautiful & clean Jet-Print light-floor mats, which are made of 100% high-tensile nylon polyamide, effectively absorbs the dirt and keeps looking like new even when heavily soiled with regular cleaning. The back coating of the JetPrint floor mat is made of 100% washable nitrile rubber

PVC-free - non-slip, washable

from 24,00 Euro, incl.VAT  
First Class-Qualität - Garanty 2 years

incl. freight in Germany, without island surcharge 

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Spitzen-Qualität mit großer Schmutz- und Feuchteaufnahmefähigkeit, liegefest, stolpersicher.
Die Matten sind in der Waschmaschine bis 80°C waschbar und können im "Tümmler" getrocknet werden.
Matten mit waschbarem Nitril-Gummirücken und verstärktem, umlaufenden Nitril-Gummirand. Ohne PVC-Anteile